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Dear Arkasline Customer,

You can send container VGM data to your loading agency by using this system. First, you will need to register with your company e-mail adress. An activation mail will be sent, please click that link to have your e-mail login activated.

After Login;

While entering VGM details; you are required to enter your booking number or bl number to document field and one of the equipments of this booking/BL. Then you can list all equipments of the booking/BL. You can also attach scanned documents (pdf or image formats) to your decleration.

Important Note:

You can send VGM of a container only once, so if you feel you entered wrong data, you can correct only by communicating with your agency.

Fields of VGM Form

  • Booking/BL No: User should fill up valid Booking or Bill of Lading number.
  • Container No: User should know at least one valid container number in booking / bill of lading to get the whole list of equipments.
  • Attachments: If user has any hard copy document within pdf, xls, jpg, png formats, can able to attach same into system via clicking “Browse” function.
  • Get Containers: System will extract all container details from booking / bill of lading then display on screen.
  • Booking/BL No, Container No, Tare Weight will be extracted from system automaticaly according to criteria.
  • VGM: User should fill up gross weight for each container. Valid value should be between 0-50000 and unit of measurement is default KGM.
  • Verification Date: System assigns today’s date in the beginning and user can able to change date manually. Calender in table header allows user to change date for all containers instantly.
  • Remove: User can remove containers from listed data, and can partially declare VGM.
  • Declare: If all mandatory fields are valid and filled up, system will populate data then send declaration mail to port of loading agency.